This article is for the content of Five Nights at Mascot Island that was changed or did not make it to the final release.

Five Nights at LLoviant Edit

Five Nights at Lloviant was going to appear in the game but was replaced by Five Nights at Tubbyland.

Five Nights At MariosEdit

Ortensia Edit

Ortensia was going to be a hallucination that doesn't attacks the player. but later..... ortensia was removed and replaced by phantom ortensia.

The Boys Room Edit

Actually, CAM 04 was going to be The Boys Room where Flumpty and PN Mickey starts and also where Chica passes from CAM 03.

The Girls RoomEdit

CAM 02 was going to be the Girls Room where PN Minnie starts and a Blam poster which has a red mark on it "BOYS SUCK!".