Hallucinations is a game mechanic (insert nightguard name here) may experience throughout the game.

Hallucination Types Edit

  • Suits Hallucinations: Mickey ripping his head off, Ortensia's hat.
  • Freddy's Hallucinations: The words 'IT'S ME' popping out.
  • Flumpty's Hallucinations: All the posters in the office will change into Flumpty Face.
  • Posters Hallucinations: Some of the  posters changes into one of the antagonists face.
  • Lockjaw Hallucinations: Lockjaw's walking, Kitty's hat.
  • Krusty Krab Hallucinations: The Krusty Patty, looking rotten.
  • Wario's Hallucinations: A skull.