Phantoms are hallucination and enemies in Five Nights at Mascot Island.

Phantom Ortensia (FNaTI-Based)Edit

Sometimes in CAM 03, you might saw her shadow hanging and also if you don't change CAMs quickly she will jumpscare you.

If you saw her hat in CAM 02 and doesn't change CAMs quickly, she will jumpscare you.

Sometimes when viewing the cameras, it might change into Ortensia's face smiling and will jumpscare you.

When viewing the CAMs, a girl laugh will be heard which is confirmed to be Ortensia.

Phantom Mike Schimdt (FNaF)Edit

Sometimes there will be a hat covered in blood in the office table , if saw the hat, quickly shut off the cam or else Mike will jumpscare you.

Mikes appearance is a normal night guard with a bloody night guard uniform

Phantom Pete (FNaTI-Based)Edit

If heard a very loud laugh, quickly shut off the CAMs.

If saw Pete's head in the office table, quickly shut off the CAMs.